Frankie Cocozza to host ‘Super Sweet 16’ show on MTV

Frankie Cocozza will host a one-off special of MTV series Super Sweet 16, it has been revealed.

Cocozza will front Super Sweet 16 UK vs US, which has been billed as “the ultimate transatlantic party clash”. The Brighton singer-turned-TV host is described as the ultimate “party pimp” by the broadcaster.

The episode will pit the “UK’s most privileged princesses against the demanding divas from the US” and will feature the show’s usual mixture of high-drama, tears, out-of-control teenagers and parents with no limits on their credit cards.

Cocozza previously spoke about his interest in becoming a TV presenter when he entered Celebrity Big Brother, claiming that he aspired to be the “next George Lamb”.

He is also among the rumoured candidates to star in the second series of Channel 5’s The Bachelor.

Frankie Cocozza’s Super Sweet 16 UK vs US airs on Sunday, April 22 at 12pm on MTV.