Frankie Cocozza comes over all shy in the hot tub

With seven female names tattooed on his pasty bum cheeks, he clearly has a way with the women.

Shamed X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza loves nothing more than going out to party and trying to kiss anything that moves.

However, the greasy haired bad boy was left all alone on his first night in the Celebrity Big Brother house and came over all shy at the prospect of even just talking to one of the fit female housemates.

The 18-year-old didn’t waste any time messing around after seeing who he would be sleeping alongside for the next few weeks.

He was egged on by fellow housemate Kirk Norcross – who has made no secret of the fact that he is ready to have sex in the house – and the two were quickly scheming up ways to try out their tried and tested chat up lines.

The former TOWIE star and Cocozza decided the best course of action was to get everyone in their underwear and have a hot-tub session.

All by myself: Frankie Cocozza sits in the hot tub alone because he is too scared to talk the women in the Big Brother house last nightFrankie needed no further encouragement and after he whipped of his clothes he jumped straight into the tub with a huge grin on his face.

Unfortunately for the failed pop star he got wet a little prematurely and ended up in the water all alone.

Realising the error of his ways he sent his new partner in crime to round up some women so that they could get the party started.

Frankie was too scared to chat to the girls himself but surely Kirk, 23, would have no problems.

He could have even used his famous chat up line, ‘what are you saying?’

Without his usual wing-man, Joey Essex, Kirk had no potency and was terrified of asking the Playboy bunnies and Georgia Salpa to strip off and jump in.

While cowering in the hot-tub Frankie asked the reality TV star: ‘Did you manage to talk the Playboy Bunnies into coming in or what?’

With his head hung low in pitiful shame he replied: ‘I didn’t even ask, I got scared.’

A sheepish looking Cocozza also conceeded and said: ‘I can’t talk to them.’

The lads should have aimed a little lower and could have invited Denise Welch for a dip.

The Loose Woman had said earlier in the night: ‘I’m looking forward to a hot tub with the young’uns…’

While the skinny jean loving Frankie had taken a shine to Playboy model twins.

The nightclub manager told Frankie in no uncertain terms: ‘I fancy Georgia.’

It’s not surprising that the Ireland based model has caught his eye as Kirk told Brian Dowling before entering the house that Kim Kardashian was his ideal woman.

The dark haired housemate has a striking resemblance to the curvy reality TV star and even dresses like her.