Gary Neville unhappy with Moyes sacking

Gary Neville believes David Moyes deserved more time as Manchester Utd manager despite the poor performances this season.

The Man U boss was sacked this morning following a disappointing run at the club.

“I believe in managers being given time. I think they should be allowed to complete their work,” Neville told Sky Spots News.

“The idea of giving people three and four and six-year contracts and then getting rid of them after 10 months is something that’s foreign to me.

“However, there’s no disguising that the football this season has been poor. The results have been poor. As a fan I’ve not enjoyed watching it.

“I’m sure David Moyes himself hasn’t enjoyed watching it and I can’t think of many Man United fans who would have enjoyed watching it either.”

Neville also said United’s players should bear significant blame for this season’s poor form, while Sean Bones of the Manchester United Supporters’ Trust pointed the finger at the club’s owners.

Neville branded the handling of the Moyes affair as “repulsive” after rumors started circulating late Monday afternoon, and United’s official line was “no comment”.

“I find it repulsive how rumours break. I don’t like it, I’ll never get used to it, but it needs to be clarified quickly. They need to break rank and make a statement.

“The weight and explosion of the information coming out concerns me. That club, for  20-odd years, contained and managed information. It was completely off the scale like nothing else that’s happened at the club in 20 years.”