Georgia and Kirk set a date

From the first time he set eyes upon her, Kirk Norcross has been enchanted by her dark hair and Kim Kardashian style good looks, and after a lot of flirting the Essex boy finally got his girl as Georgia Salpa agreed to not only go on a date with the nightclub manager but to also go on a couples holiday with him.

Kirk, 23, has been using his best lines on the Ireland based model since day one in the house but on last night’s show he was rewarded when Georgia, 26, admitted she liked the former star of The Only Way Is Essex.

Lying on separate beds looking at each other, the couple were taking some time away from the rest of the housemates when Kirk got down to business.

Never one to mess around he asked the Greek-Irish glamour girl ‘Do you like me?’

Even dressed as a fat pig in a pink coloured costume she admitted that she does like him and said ‘yes’.

Not content with the answer Kirk pushed her further and asked ‘yes what?’

Georgia elaborated and said: ‘Yes I do,’  but Norcross still wasn’t pleased and told her to: ‘Stop playing hard to get.’

Not put off by his forceful nature, Georgia seemed slightly embarrassed by the whole line of awkward questioning but delicately held hands with the reality TV star.

Get your coat: Georgia smiles at Kirk while he questions on her true feelings toward him

Getting carried away with himself Kirk then said: ‘Georgia Norcross, good s***,’ before complimenting her on her toned legs and sorting out details for their first rendezvous outside the house.

He said to Georgia: ‘U gonna let me take you out on a date?’

Dressed in her Rapunzel costume, Miss Salpa didnt seem overly keen but agreed and said: ‘Yeah I will, dinner.’

She added: ‘We need to go for a dinner before our holiday with Frankie and his bird.’