‘Goodnight my angel, sleep tight’ Mitch Winehouse says goodbye to his daughter

‘Goodnight my angel, sleep tight’: Mitch Winehouse’s emotional goodbye to daughter Amy as Kelly Osbourne and Mark Ronson join family for her funeral Mitch Winehouse paid an emotional tribute to his daughter Amy yesterday as her friends and family came together for her funeral.
Telling stories about her childhood and how happy she’d been recently, Mitch ended his eulogy telling his daughter:
‘Goodnight, my angel. Sleep tight.’
Emotional goodbye: Amy's father Mitch Winehouse was consoled outside the Golders Green Crematorium in North London
Among those paying their respects to the tragic star – who died at her London home aged 27 on Saturday – was her entire
family, friends Kelly Osbourne, Mark Ronson and her music ‘family’ including her backing singers and manager.
A convoy of black vehicles with tinted windows silently made its way inside the Edgwarebury Cemetery in north London this lunchtime for the private funeral service.
Amy’s spokesman Chris Goodman said: ‘Mitch was funny, he told some great stories from her childhood. It was a celebration. He stressed many times that she had been more content than she had been in years. Mitch paid tribute to a lot of people from Amy’s life.’
Talking about her boyfriend, film director Reg Traviss, he added: ‘Mitch said that they were very much looking forward to their
future together.’
Alfie Ezikiel, 55, from London said that around 150 guests had attended Amy Winehouse’s funeral.
He added: ‘Mitch’s last words to Amy in his eulogy were “Goodnight my angel. Sleep tight. Mummy and Daddy love you ever so
Her final journey: More than 200 mourners came to say goodbye to Amy, who died at her home aged 27 on Saturday
Her final journey: More than 200 mourners came to say goodbye to Amy, who died at her home aged 27 on Saturday
‘In the days before her death she told Mitch she was very happy, satisfied and content in her life. Janice was fine but she
didn’t do a eulogy.’
The service started with prayers, they read a meditation, Mitch gave a eulogy and there were final prayers.
The last song that was played at the ceremony was Carole King’s hit So Far Away which was Amy’s favourite song.