Hollyoaks shock death

‘Hollyoaks’ Kim Tiddy on Heidi’s shock death

Hollyoaks’ serial killer storyline took another shocking twist last night, as evil Silas Blissett accidentally murdered Heidi Costello, his own daughter.

In a dramatic turn of events for the soap’s Halloween episode, Silas had a terrifying showdown with Lynsey Nolan (Karen Hassan) and vowed to kill her – pointing out that it was the only way anyone would ever believe her accusations against him.

When Lynsey managed to escape, Silas (Jeff Rawle) was in hot pursuit but made a catastrophic error when he confused Heidi with Lynsey due to their identical Catwoman costumes. After striking again, Silas was left devastated when he realised that he had killed his own flesh and blood.

3201: Silas' unknown victim

In real life, meanwhile, actress Kim Tiddy decided to bow out from Hollyoaks for pastures new earlier this year.



Why did you decide to leave Hollyoaks?
“I’ve really enjoyed playing Heidi and I’ve loved my time in Liverpool, but after a year and a half, I felt like it was time to move on.”

What did you think of Heidi’s shock exit storyline?
“I thought the storyline was fantastic! I was also killed off in The Bill, and I’m taking it as a compliment as I think shows like to kill off likeable and popular characters. I can obviously die really well!”

What was it like to film the exit scenes?
“It was very high drama – I loved the whole Halloween theme and the fact that it was shot at night. It was exciting to film and to get dressed up as Catwoman! I also think the storyline leading up to it was very clever, and the twist at the end where Silas killed Heidi was great.”

What has Jeff Rawle been like to work with over the past year?
“He was fantastic. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as many scenes with him as I might have liked, but he’s such a well-established and experienced actor with a great wealth of knowledge. He’s been a great asset to the Hollyoaks cast. He’s very professional, funny and kind – if you ask him a question about his career, he’s always very open. I know a lot of the younger actors feel the same way about him. I’m very proud to have worked with him.”

How do you think Silas will cope with what he’s done?
“I think he wouldn’t have a heart if it didn’t affect him in some way. I think we’ll see some remorse from him, as killing Heidi was a genuine mistake, and that’s what is so great about the storyline. I hope we see some remorse!”

Are you hoping that Heidi’s death will have a big impact on the Costello family in the long-term?
“Definitely. I think it will, because she’s like the matriarch and the figurehead of the family. She’s the strength of the family, so I think they’ll definitely crumble following the news of her death. But I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Keep watching!”

Did you find it emotional when you said goodbye to your colleagues after filming your last scenes?
“It was emotional, but most of my goodbyes were before my final scenes as I filmed them on a night shoot at around 3am, so there weren’t too many people about. I’ve really enjoyed working atHollyoaks and I met some really great people – especially the other Costellos, as I really got on well with them. I’ll miss them. It’s a nice environment to work in, it really is. I’m coming away from the job with lots of fond memories.”

How would you like Heidi to be remembered by Hollyoaks fans?
“I’d love her to be remembered as someone who brought a bit of glamour to Hollyoaks. I’d also like her to be remembered as someone who was very strong, loyal, caring and dedicated to her family.”