Hot For Halloween: Hollyoaks, PVC and serial killers

Hotter than Halloween: Hollyoaks PVC clad starlets tease viewers with new promo picture

With Halloween approaching, things are about to get even scarier in Hollyoaks.

Viewers have been kept on the edge of their seats this week over the future of the Channel 4 soap’s serial killer, Silas Blissett.

But now things have gotten even hotter with the release of a new promo picture.

Showing a scary-looking grim reaper surrounded by four females, all dressed as Catwoman – fans will find it hard not to notice their sexy costumes.

Dressed in PVC catsuits complete with stiletto boots and tight corsets, the four women in the photo represent the four potential victims of Silas that are at risk this weekend.

In the lead up to Fright Night as Chez Chez, Silas – played by Jeff Rawle – has picked out locals Amy Barnes, Lynsey Nolan, Texas Longford and Theresa McQueen to be one if his unsuspecting kills.
Let me go: The crazy character has had Mercedes locked up in his vault for days but will she be the next one to die?

At the beginning of the week Silas made Lynsey part of his terrifying game – but giving her the chance to identify his next victim before he kills them.

Nurse Lynsey – played by Karen Hassan – must guess who the next vulnerable female is and if she does, Silas will hand himself in, but if she doesn’t then he will strike again.

But by Friday night, terrified Lynsey is still trying to work it all out, but Riley may have a better clue.

The grandson of Silas starts feeling suspicious once again and begins to doubt his grandfather’s innocence, but Will he realise that he’s been the killer all along?

If he does then he better act upon his instincts soon as the crazy character is still holding Mercede’s captive in his vault and previously released pictures show him committing his next murder by using a brick to smash in the head of a mystery female.

Following the dramatic episode next Monday, the villagers are shocked when they realise that the serial killer has struck again, but hardcore fans don’t have to wait that long as they can get first look at the Halloween antics this Friday at 7pm on E4.