I’m A Celebrity: Jimmy Bullard goes too far with Jake Quickenden

Jimmy Bullard has lost fans after his banter turned into abuse on I’m A Celebrity last night.

The former footballer had a rant at former X Factor finalist Jake  Quickenden, insulting the young singer in what Bullard called ‘banter’.

Fans of the show took to social media last night, branding Bullard a bully, after witnessing his attack on Jake.

Despite Jimmy’s apparently close friendship with Jake, viewers watched  in shock as Jake expressed a lacking confidence in retaining his fame, only for  former footballer Jimmy to taunt him.

His fellow campmates were confused as to whether or not he was joking as Jake explained: ‘This morning me and Jim had a bit of banter.

While Jimmy and  Jake’s playful banter had been keeping their campmates amused over previous  days, Jimmy appeared to go a bit far when he criticised the singers talent.

It all kicked off after Jake told Jimmy how one of their campmates mistook the former player for newsreader, Michael Buerk.

“What have I got to take? That I look like him? I don’t give a f***. Just  because I’m the governor at Banter. You just get hurt you lanky piece of  s***’,” snapped Jimmy.

“You bite so quick. You don’t come back with anything. You get nasty. You  get nasty, don’t you? It don’t matter. I understand, it’s fine.’

“I miss the old  Jim that you was when I first came in. The nice guy who was funny. Not the  annoying p****,” replied Jake.

However, Bullard carried on insulting Quickenden.

“I  can’t be your entertainment all the time. You can’t rely on me. You’ve got to  entertain yourself because your banter’s sh*te.’

“You weren’t (entertaining) on The X Factor, that’s for sure. I thought  you had a bit about you but the more I’m getting to know you, the more I’m just  thinking, “what the f*** is this pr*** doing in here? What’s he  offering?”

“Why the f**k are  you in here? What are you? What sort of skill have you got?,” continued Bullard.

Jimmy looked  towards Foggy saying: “World champ, fair enough, what the f*** have you done?  Picked a mic up?”

Jake calmly  defended himself as he said: “I said that when I came in. I don’t even know why  I’m here myself. You Mr Burns looking ****.”

Afterwards Jimmy defended his actions, telling the Bush Telegraph: “Me and Jake always have banter. It’s devilish banter.”