SPOTTED: Jay Z is violently attacked by Beyonce’s sister

Jay Z was viciously attacked by his wife Beyonce’s sister last week as they left the Met Gala after party in New York.

Solange Knowles was caught on surveillance camera, recorded last Monday night, lashing out wildly at her brother-in-law, with her arms and legs while her sister stood beside them helplessly. 

The famous family were in an elevator of the Standard Hotel following the annual fashion event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In the video, obtained by TMZ, Beyonce and Jay are seen entering the elevator calmly, with sister Solange entering behind them and getting straight into Jay Z’s face.

Solange can clearly be seen kicking and swinging violently at Jay Z after the trio step into the elevator. 



According to TMZ sources, Solange was screaming at her family member when the fight erupted.

In the footage, a man who looks to be a bodyguard tries to hold Solange back but she manages to reach the rapper several times.

Jay Z grabs her foot to block a kick but never attempts to retaliate.

Beyonce seems sanguine throughout, and appears to be trying to calm her sister down.. . at one point she removes the long train of her dress from  the fray.

The bodyguard can also be seen pushing the emergency stop button in the elevator at the 12th floor, perhaps to stop the fight spilling out in front of photographers.

Jay Z’s shocked appearance and hand to face as Solange marches angrily ahead after leaving the elevator were captured, however.


The trio left the elevator after the fight at the Standard Hotel in New York last Monday
The 3 were spotted leaving the elevator after the altercation


Beyonce tried to muster a showbiz smile as the threesome left but then departed with her sister in a car while her husband left separately.

It’s not yet known what provoked the fight.