Jessica-Jane cleans up in the jungle

Jessica Jane and Mark Clean Up

They say great minds think alike so that would explain why Mark Wright and Jessica-Jane Clement have been using their best assets today.

Although the pair have been sleeping in different groups they have both been flaunting their chests around camp.

Perhaps in an attempt to secure a lucrative deal the pair have been taking special care in grooming their chest areas.

Smooth as ever: Mark Wright takes a razor to his chest as he keeps up his Essex grooming regime

Mark, 24, got the ball rolling this morning when he woke up in the jungle and decided to have a shave.

Starting his day off like most men Mark wet his face, applied some soap and then began to cut his stubble down.

It all went down hill from there when he decided his pecs needed some attention too.

26-year-old Jessica-Jane meanwhile gave her chest a good scrub when she took a bath in the nearby water-hole.

Wearing a red two-piece bikini the former glamour model did her best to get herself clean.

As she scrubbed her back and washed her hair the TV presenter struggled to find a place to hold the soap.

However, the resourceful celebrity thought she had found the perfect place to hold the soap bar… her bikini top.

Unfortunately after a few attempts the bikini couldn’t take the weight and she gave up on her bath and returned to camp to continue her lesson in jungle cleanliness.

Ready for her close-up: Jessica-Jane drys off before applying moisturiser all over and beckoning the camera to come closerAfter drying down, Jessica-Jane did her very best impression of a seductive skin care advert.

As she looked directly down the camera with a bottle of beauty cream in one hand, she beckoned with her finger telling the viewer to come closer before ending with a cheeky wink.