Jessica-Jane Clement and Emily Scott compare assets

It was only a matter of time before they both began discussing their assets and it seems Jessica-Jane Clement and Emily Scott have now had that conversation.

The blonde and brunette – who are both famous for their glamour model careers – seem to love wearing their bikinis on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here, and now it’s clear why.

Jessica-Jane, 26 and Emily, 28, were enjoying having a wash in the river when the conversation soon turned to their chests

The Real Hustle star – who has admitted her love for skimpy bikinis – was wearing a watermelon print two piece that showed off her enhanced breasts as she chatted with her fellow camp mate.

Emily, who wore a black bandeau style bikini top, was seen holding her chest as she spoke with Jessica-Jane and seemed to be comparing her breasts to hers.

The constant display of their enviable figures may be entertaining for their male camp mates, but no doubt it’s quite depressing for the older females in the group.

How big? The girls were using their hands to compare sizes of their chests

Benidorm actress, Crissy Rock, went into meltdown on tonight’s show and accused some of the celebrities of being ageist.

The rant began after Crissy felt that she had not been treated by a team member during the third and final round of the Beat The Bugs challenge – which was presented by Neighbours star, Ian Smith.

‘I’ve not been treated like a team mate so I’ve played like one all day,’ she said.

‘All the encouragement went to Emily and not to me and I couldn’t be arsed with it. In the end I was lying on the hammock and I thought I’d lose it.’

Crissy and Emily were chosen by the blue team leader, Pat Sharp, to take part in the weighing challenge in which one celebrity had to hold a tray whilst the other had to scoop up as many bugs as possible and load them into the tray.

The tension began when DJ Pat told Crissy to focus and continuously asked her if she was okay.

He then decided to allocate Crissy as the participant who would hold the tray, to which she responded: ‘That will be an advantage for me because I’m a fat b**** anyway.’

The actress stayed very serious as Emily managed to collect a total of 10.05kg worth of bugs.

But their efforts weren’t good enough as orange team mates, Fatima Whitbread and Sinitta managed to keep their cool and collect 10.60kg worth of the insects.