JLS finds The Saturdays song annoying

Aston Merrygold of JLS has admitted that he finds one of The Saturdays’ songs “annoying”.

The star revealed that he would tell the girl group if he did not like their music, despite fellow JLS band member Marvin Humes being engaged to Saturdays singer Rochelle Wiseman.

Merrygold confessed that he is not a fan of the group’s cover of  ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’.

Speaking to We Love Pop magazine, Merrygold explained: “‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ annoys the hell out of me! I would tell the girls if I didn’t like their music, and it’s a cover – so I got away with that one scot-free.”

Meanwhile, the performer admitted that although the boyband are in good shape, they regularly dine out on takeaway.

“I ate three large Domino’s pizzas in one go! We had five and no-one else was eating them and there was five of us, but three of them were margheritas. No-one really wanted a margherita so I had them all,” he said.

JB Gill added: “I’ve eaten a whole chicken before in one sitting – with sides as well.”

JLS recently claimed they are going to approach Drake to work with them on their fourth studio album in a bid to crack the international music market.