Jorgie Porter insists she’s not a sex symbol

Stunning Danicing On Ice and Hollyoaks babe, says she isn’t a sex symbol

Jorgie Porter has been dazzling TV screens with her amazing dance skills and hot body over the past few weeks.

But stunning Dancing On Ice star insists she still fails to get attention from men.

The 24-year-old Hollyoaks actress has been named in FHM’s 50 hottest women list, but she can’t believe she’s seen as a sex symbol.

Jorgie, who is dating her Hollyoaks co-star James Atherton, is adamant she never has any guys chatting her up despite a legion of admirers watching her every move on TV screens.
She tells this week’s Star magazine: ‘Guys don’t talk to me in real life or anything!

‘They don’t approach me if we’re out and about, and I certainly don’t get hit on.

‘To be honest I’d forgotten about being named one of FHM’s 50 hottest women. It’s amazingly cool, though.’

And although she’s regarded as one of the sexiest women on TV now, Jorgie insists that hasn’t always been the case.

The celebrity skater has revealed she used to be a chubby child who battled with acne and braces.

She must have come a long way if that’s the case as the pretty blonde sizzles in an array of outfits from week to week on the ice.

Partnering professional skater Matt Evers, her washboard stomach has been on show for all to see.

Washboard stomach: There's no sign of her barrel belly now!

But Jorgie has now opened up about her image struggles growing up.

She tells this week’s new! magazine about her insecurities:

‘My belly is one. People try to tell me that it’s fine but I always think it isn’t.

‘I had a barrel belly growing up, with arms and legs sticking out of it. I was chubby as a kid. I was spotty, had a brace and no hair.’

But despite struggling with the way she looked before she hit the big time, Jorgie insists she now feels more confident than ever.

She adds: ‘I don’t get embarrassed posing for raunchy pictures. I don’t feel like it’s me, it’s like acting. At first, I was like, “Where’s my dressing gown?” but now I’m just walking round in my knickers!’

And not only has she managed to ditch the chubbiness, she’s now so small she can dress in children’s clothing.

But the star insists she ensures she looks after herself if she gets too small during her heavy ice training.

She adds to Star magazine: ‘I can fit into children’s clothes, age 12 to 13! Sometimes I can lose too much weight through training, but I know when that happens – I just have to eat more and it’s OK.

‘I don’t see myself as a bad role model. If you’re small, you’re small!’

It was only on Sunday that she was parading her petite figure on the show in a Britney Spears-style schoolgirl get-up.

And she obviously impressed the judges, after picking up a total score of 24 for the routine.

Star magazine and new! both go on sale on Tuesday 7th February