Judd Trump Q & A

Trump is in top form after winning the China Open last month


“Was beating the world champion more of an achievement than winning the China Open?” (From Mr_Brightside00 James___Palmer)

JT: “No! It’s only one match and the first round. There’s a long way to go yet.”

“Does the pressure rise after your China open victory, or is it easier for you now that you’ve won a major tournament?” (From Snookerfan4711)

JT: “Not really. I just enjoyed the match. Winning these things can only be a good thing. You just accept it and then do your best in every match.

“Ahead of the China Open, I had the same preparation and I got through a nervy first round and then the pressure lifted so that helped. Then it started to work and luckily it all happened for me.”

“You have now won your first ranking event, was there a time when you doubted yourself when you weren’t hitting those heights?” (From raymacuxbridge)

JT: “I have a little, but I always knew it was only a matter of time before breaking through – it’s just taken a little longer than I thought. But the standard is so high these days that nobody will come through straight away. There are more tournaments now so that makes it a little easier.”

“Biggest inspirations in your career?” (From Webber2010 and JamesBrewster)

JT: “My mum and dad made a lot of sacrifices to get me to tournaments. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. To be a champion in a sport you have to have a great support team around you. They help you to get through the tough times as well.”

“I hear you’re a clever guy – any regrets at not having the chance to go to uni and live the student life?” (From discodavies)

JT: “Not at all. Quite the opposite. I have no regrets – being a snooker player is what I’ve always wanted to do and have been dreaming of all my life. I still get out to see my friends.”

“Biggest psychological quality a snooker pro can have?” (From snookermylove)

JT: “It’s the ability to shut it out of your head when you miss a ball. You mustn’t lose your head. You have to switch off and get on with it because otherwise it will help your opponent.

“I remember losing my head sometimes when I was 10 or 11 but I soon grew out of that. Getting mad is a big disadvantage!”

“You got first competition 147 at 14. When was first one in training?” (From PrestonPete)

JT: “I think my first maximum was in a competition!”

“Has Judd set himself a goal for this tournament?” (From iLAWN)

JT: “Take it match by match obviously, but I am going out to win. I don’t want to just be here and win one game. You do go out thinking you can win every match but my goal is to win this thing.”

“Have you heard of Haircut 100? What’s your favourite song by them? Who does your hair?” (From SajChowdhury)

JT: “No I haven’t! I go to my local hairdressers and I just style it myself. And no I won’t be perming it! I just like to be different but my style is quite normal for someone of my age. And no Justin Bieber inspiration either!”

“I’ve started a campaign to start calling you The Juddernaut! Thoughts? (From davehendon, Eurosport commentator)

JT: “I don’t like it much. There is one nickname that my mate wants me to have…. it’s The Ace. I’m happy for a campaign for people to start calling me that!”

“Is spending money on coaching the best way to improve your game? (From olipoole, Pool/Snooker Society President, Portsmouth Uni)

JT: “No, not really. It’s all about practice and more practice. Travel to tournaments, play in them, watch other players. Learn new things all the time. It might be good to be taught the basics like your stance when you first start playing.

“I started playing on a tiny table when I was 3 and then started playing properly when I was 10 or 11. It’s all about practice.”

“I am 23 and am interested in taking the game up – any tips?” (From cricketboy123)

JT: “Just make sure you enjoy it. Watch all the top players and don’t take it too seriously.”                                                                                                                                                                                         

“I’ve just joined my local snooker club. What’s the best way to improve on full size tables?” (From mjohnson1989)

JT: “It’s hard but keep it simple. Don’t try too much side or you will get frustrated Don’t rush into things.”

“Do you enjoy playing at The Crucible?” (From KOWT09)

JT: “Definitely the best place to play snooker and best for atmosphere. You’re always a bit nervy for the first couple of frames but the crowds are fantastic.

“They just make you want to play harder and better and there’s always loads of publicity at the World Championship. And it makes you want to show everybody what you can do.”

“Are you going to continue to go for four-ball plants in the next round? Awesome shot!! [As played against Neil Robertson] (From robbiegordon)

JT: “If they’re on then definitely. I didn’t want to miss it because I knew everybody would say ‘Why did I go for that?’ I couldn’t resist it. I remember playing a shot at the Worlds when I was escaping from a snooker. It was a tiny gap and the commentators couldn’t believe I made it. That’s one shot that will never happen again.”

“Who would you most enjoy playing in the final?” (From TMB_John)

JT: “It has to be Ronnie O’Sullivan or John Higgins. It would be amazing to play them.”

Other questions from BBC Sport:

Football team: Man Utd

Music: R n B and hip hop

Hobbies: Going to the gym and golf (although I don’t get any time to play golf these days)

What would your tweet be if you won the World Championship this year? Ferrari or Lamborghini? What colour?’

By Mark Ashenden
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