Justin Bieber collapses with breathing difficulties during O2 concert


Justin Bieber collapsed on stage last night during his third performance at London’s O2 arena.

Bieber fell to the ground in the middle of his performance experiencing breathing difficulties.

The 19-year-old hitmaker was then rushed off stage and was looked at by doctors.

Justin’s manager Scooter Braun, appeared on stage to tell fans that although doctors advised he go straight to hospital, Bieber insisted on coming out to finish the set.

In a move that some fans are cynically suggesting could have been a PR move for the star ¬†after his controversial week, Scooter told the audience: “Justin got quite light of breath. The whole show he’s been complaining, he’s backstage with the doctor.

“They’re telling him that they want him to go see somebody and see what’s going on with his lungs.

“(But) He has just told me that if it’s okay with you guys he’s going to come out and finish the show. Alright?”

Justin tweeted a photo of himself in his hospital bed
Justin tweeted a photo of himself in his hospital bed


And in a nod to the controversy surrounding Bieber from earlier this week when he angered parents and fans by showing up late for his debut gig, Scooter added: “So he might not be jumping around as much but if you guys could be patient with us.

“We’re not trying to be disrespectful, we’re not trying to get you guys home late. We’re truly trying to put on a show for these beautiful people of London.

“Just bear with us – he’s going to come out very soon and we’ll do the best we can to finish the show.”

Justin tweeted fans from his hospital bed at around 1am – shirtless of course – to thank them and let them know he was well.

Feeling better: After being taken to hospital following the gig, Justin tweeted his fans to thank them for their support