Justin Bieber Knocked Out Cold In Paris


Justin Bieber has said that he is feeling okay after suffering concussion during a show in France.

The Believe singer was performing in the capital Paris on Thursday evening (May 31) when he walked into a glass wall backstage between songs and knocked himself out.

“So basically… I’m in Paris and I’m like, performing on the tallest building in Paris,” Bieber told TMZ over the phone. “There’s a glass wall behind me, but there’s a railing behind the glass, and so, I went to reach for the railing and I hit my head on the glass.

“It really hurt and I felt a little light-headed, but my adrenalin, I feel, pushed me through it and I performed my last song. After that, I went off stage and I immediately felt really weak. I was walking down the stairs and I passed out for like, 15 seconds… I feel good, I have a little bit of a headache, but I feel fine. I mean, you’ve got to laugh at yourself sometimes.”

Bieber confirmed that he had been seen by a doctor, who diagnosed him with concussion.

“I guess me and glass windows don’t really go together,” he concluded, referring to an incident earlier in his career in which he was filmed hurting himself walking into a revolving glass door.

Bieber is currently on a promotional tour of Europe and almost provoked a state of emergency in the Norwegian capital Oslo earlier in the week when thousands of fans swarmed upon his hotel.