Kanye smashes mic and storms off stage in Toronto

Kanye West’s temper got the better of him last night during a massive performance at the Pan Am Games in Toronto, Canada.

The rapper faced technical difficulties during a medley of his hits at the Closing Ceremony, and once he realised it was all going wrong, he smashed his mic and walked off stage in front of thousands of people.

The moment was caught on camera and quickly shared on social media.

In a continuing trend when it comes to booking Kanye for music events, 50,000 people signed a petition ahead of the Games to lobby against his billing.

“The options for Toronto artists are far from limited and choosing someone like Kanye West raises several concerns among the people,” the petition read. “Why was a local artist or group not chosen and supported, just as our local athletes are throughout the games?”

However, Kanye still turned up to perform a medley of ‘Stronger’, ‘Power’, ‘Black Skinhead’, ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’, ‘Touch the Sky’, ‘The Good Life’ and ‘All of the Lights’.

It was during ‘The Good Life’ that Kanye saw red and threw his microphone in the air before storming off. It’s been reported that he was also planning to finish on ‘Gold Digger’, but didn’t get the chance.

The organisers blamed a technical issue with Kanye’s microphone as the fault.

Last month,¬†Kanye’s headline show at Glastonbury was interrupted by comedian Lee Nelson, who walked on to the Pyramid Stage and caused the rapper to restart a performance of ‘Black Skinhead’.