Kanye West debuts daring lookbook for his Adidas collection

Kanye West’s lookbook for Addidas has been leaked online and contains a number of naked models.

A new 46-page lookbook for rapper and designer’s upcoming Yeezy collection for Adidas was leaked online, revealing a selection of risque images featuring a number of totally naked models.

The dark and moody photos showcases a variety of the designs that Kanye included in his recent catwalk show at New York Fashion Week, including his controversial skintight flesh-colored catsuits and cropped sport-style tops. 


The dark and moody photo series showcases a variety of the designs

Like many things Kanye turns his hand to, controversy and show has followed, but some have praised the designer for his choice of models and what they stand for.
“We do have to give [Kanye] props for the model casting, though,” Refinery29‘s Liza Darwin said of the lookbook.  

“While [Kanye’s] runway show employed some stunt casting (his teenage stepsister Kylie Jenner made her debut), it also featured a refreshing diversity, which has been maintained here: The photos include men and women of various ages, sizes, and ethnicities.”


Many of the nude models included in the shoot are posed in a series of yoga-style positions 
Many of the nude models are posed in a series of yoga-style positions


And while many of the models featured in the lookbook, which was created in collaboration with fine art photographer Jackie Nickerson, are pictured wearing little, if any, clothing at all, those that are provide a much closer look at Kanye’s unique designs. 


Kanye received criticism from the fashion industry following the show
Kanye, pictured at his New York Fashion Week show


The collection, which will reportedly be priced between $350 and $3,500, is made up mostly of casual wear, with a number of the models wearing hooded sweaters, baggy T-shirts or tight leggings and crop tops. 

Others are pictured modeling a collection of bulky outerwear, including fur-trimmed parkas and padded vests.