Kate Middleton in hospital with pregnancy illness as world’s media watches


The news the world has been waiting to hear, a royal baby is on the way, as the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William were forced to announce the royal news as Kate was admitted to hospital yesterday afternoon.

William and Kate had been hoping to keep the news they were expecting a baby to themselves until Christmas Day but with Kate admitted to hospital with acute morning sickness, they had little choice but to make the announcement – with the world’s media watching.

The announcement has gained the attention of the world's media, who are stood outside the hospital in anticipation

Kate, 30, who is barely eight weeks pregnant, was taken to the hospital just after lunch by her husband and immediately put on a drip to stop her becoming dehydrated.

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Last night she appeared to be responding well to treatment. Sources said there was ‘no cause for alarm’.

However, doctors at the King Edward VII Hospital in central London have taken the precautionary step of keeping her in for the next few days.

It had been a nerve-racking day for Prince William. Last night, wearing a grey jumper and blue shirt, he left the hospital in Marylebone but said nothing to the dozens of camera crews and photographers outside. He was then taken back to Kensington Palace by three royal protection officers in a green Land Rover.

Doting husband: Wearing a grey jumper and shirt, the Prince leaves the hospital last night

The Duke had been at his wife’s side for most of the day. Royal sources confirmed he would be visiting today.

Sources suggest the couple initially had ‘no plans whatsoever’ to announce the pregnancy until after she had had her 12-week scan.

They also revealed that the Duke and Duchess had not planned to tell the Royal Family of their news until they were all gathered together at Sandringham at Christmas.