Katie Hopkins and Cami-Li unimpressed by Perez’s return to CBB house

Katie Hopkins and Cami-Li were less than impressed when fellow housemate Perez Hilton made a dramatic return to the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Following the shock eviction of Patsy Kensit, the celebrity blogger, who had staged a fake walk out on Sunday afternoon, returned to the house to his shocked housemates.


He's back! Perez makes a very controversial return
Perez makes a very controversial return to the Celebrity Big Brother house



First, Big Brother played a video montage of Perez into the house, to the shock of the remaining housemates.

Perez then re-joined the contestants and was greeted by all the housemates, apart from Katie Hopkins and Cami-Li.


Cami-Li was visibly stunned by Big Brother's game-changer
Cami-Li was unimpressed that Perez had returned


Visibly shocked and disgruntled, the pair looked devastated to have him back.

“I’ve been watching you all the whole, entire time,” he said smugly, “and I found it very enlightening. I heard everything.”

The drama continues tonight on Channel 5