Katie Price clashes with Katie Hopkins in Big Brother house

Katie Price and Katie Hopkins have clashed in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

After several heated debates between the former glamour model and controversial journalist Katie Hopkins, Katie Price finally snapped and shared her true feelings about the columnist on Thursday night’s episode.

Her lashing came during the face-to-face evictions which saw all the housemates gather together to learn who would be joining Perez Hilton to face the public vote.

“My first nomination is Katie. It’s about time I had an opinion, you don’t think I have an opinion so I will give my opinion now,” announced Price.


Katie Price hits back at Katie Hopkins
Katie Price snapped and finally told Katie Hopkins (shown) exactly how she felt


“I picked you because she seem to have been two-faced about everyone here. You’ve been two-faced to my face with what you’ve said.

“I am in here to make friends and I think you’re playing a massive game.

“I’ve been watching you the past few days and you pranced around and I think that’s all an act.

“I’m very disappointed because the reason no one can see mine or anyone else’s personality is because all you do is argue and take the limelight. You don’t give anyone else a chance to shine.”

She finished off by adding: “I am shaking because I hate this s***. But I am opinionated so I may sit here being pretty but I am fiesty when needs be.”