Katie Price lashes out at Katie Hopkins in CBB house

Katie Price lost control on Thursday night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother when Katie Hopkins once again lashed out at her.

The outspoken columnist rubbed the former glamour model the wrong way during a task which caused Price to completely loose her cool.

While taking part in the task called CBB News, which was hosted by Eamonn Holmes, special guest and former contestant James Jordan revealed to Price that she was coming across as ‘boring’.


Katie Hopkins interjected as Price tried to defend herself
Katie Hopkins tried to cause an argument with Katie Price


Defending herself, Katie said that she felt as though the banter in the house wasn’t to her taste and she’d rather not play up to the cameras.

Interrupting¬†to voice her opinion, Hopkins harshly asserted: “We’re bored of hearing I’m not boring because you are boring.”

Hitting back, an angry Katie shouted: “Well I’m f***ing bored of you! Shut the f***!”

Enjoying a riled up Price, Perez could be heard cheering in the background as the other housemates laughed.


As the two argued Perez Hilton and Keith Chegwin found it hilarious 
Perez Hilton and Keith Chegwin laughed as the pair argued


With plenty more expletives to share, the mother-of-five continued: “I can’t wait to get out and tell everyone what a fake f*** you are so f*** off!”

Not backing down, Hopkins added: “You are boring in here, we’re bored of hearing about this and she’s not worth the fee.”

Clearly heated, Price snapped again: “You boring old s***. I’m so bored of her!”

Annoyed she had lost her cool, the brunette then said: “There you go, you’ve had an argument from me now.”