Katie Wright is sixth candidate axed from Apprentice

Katie Wright became the sixth candidate fired from this year’s series of  The Apprentice.

The London-based businesswoman was deemed responsible by Lord Alan Sugar for the failure of Phoenix’s ‘Utterly Delicious’ meatball stall in Edinburgh, overseen by project manager Adam Corbally.

Sterling, run by Jenna Whittingham, were victorious after customers warmed to their ‘Gourmet Scot Pot’ beef casseroles – but they only won by £21 due to the cost of their high-quality ingredients.

Katie was brought back to the boardroom with Corbally and Azhar Siddique, where she was reprimanded by Sugar for suggesting that Phoenix sell their relatively expensive meatballs at a football ground.

The Apprentice Episode 6 - The Boardroom - Katie Wright, Adam Corbally, Azhar Siddique
Katie Wright, Adam Corbally and Azhar Siddique


However, she refuted suggestions that she didn’t contribute to the task, declaring: “I was dressed as a pizza running around that place.”

Corbally, meanwhile, came under fire for straying from the brief and creating dishes out of inferior ingredients.

“I’ve had some pictures shown to me of these meatballs and I’ve got to tell you, I’ve seen things like that at the zoo in the elephant pen on the floor,” Sugar told him.

The Apprentice Episode 6

The market trader from Derbyshire fought back by declaring himself to be the “number one candidate” and claiming that Siddique “didn’t have any input whatsoever”.

In his final summation, Sugar praised Siddique for coming out of his shell in the boardroom and scolded Corbally for having “let other people drag [him] down”.

Turning to Wright, he said: “[Adam] listened to you. One could argue that’s his problem for listening to you, but the information you gave him was wrong.

“Adam – I don’t know if you’re out of your depth here, I’m sure you’re a very hard worker and I know that you’ve got a good business going. I’m going to give you one more chance to stay in this process because I hope you’re going to learn now to assert your authority properly.”

Sugar then fired Wright, noting that she had now made her third boardroom appearance in just six weeks.

Speaking afterwards, the 26-year-old argued: “I do feel absolutely robbed. I believe Adam should have been fired, he made a complete mess of this task, but the decision has been made.

“The plan was to make Lord Sugar a lot of money but it looks like I’m going to have to go off and do that by myself.”

The Apprentice continues Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One.