Kelly Rowland reveals her naughty side

‘You can’t keep me away from a good sex shop’

The raunchy factor: Kelly Rowland has revealed she loves nosing around in sex shops, describing them as 'interesting places'

She may come across as a wholesome, all-American girl who loves her mama and remaining X Factor acts.

But Kelly Rowland has revealed she ‘ain’t so squeaky clean after admitting a penchant for… sex shops.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, she said: ‘You can’t keep me away from a good sex shop.

‘Those are interesting places. I go with a bunch of people that way no one recognises me.’

The 30-year-old certainly notched up the raunch factor to launch her new album Here I Am in central London.

Wearing skin-tight leather trousers tucked into metallic snake-skin boots the star posed with a rack of her CDs in a branch of HMV.

Speaking ahead of her album launch, the singer also revealed new single Motivation describes how she feels during sex.

‘I’m now liberated at 30, it’s almost a transition,’ she said.

‘I was scared what my mum would say after Motivation but she was yelling, “Go lover.”‘

Lyrics to Motivation include: ‘Oh lover, don’t you dare slow down. Go longer, you can last more rounds.

‘Push harder, you’re almost there now. So go lover, make mama proud.’

Before the chorus kicks in with: ‘And when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs.’New record: Rowland squeezed into spray-on leather trousers and snake-skin boots to launch album Here I Am in London on Monday

Single lady Kelly said she did a lot of ‘soul searching’ after fiance Roy Williams left her six years ago.

Now the Destiny’s Child singer admits she’s more guarded when it comes to love.

‘I’m careful with my heart. I don’t take cr** from no one these days. I put my foot down.

‘Being a woman you deserve heaven and earth. So if a man wants to date me, know that I don’t take cr**.’

And, unlike her old band-mate Beyonce, 30, who is expecting a baby with husband Jay-Z, 41, next year, Kelly insists she isn’t ready for children.

‘…until I’m crazy in love with someone, like my best friend Bey is, then it’s not going to happen,’ she said.