Khloe Kardashian not pregnant despite Joe Odom claims

Last week she was denying rumours she has suffered a miscarriage in February and now a source close to the Kardashian clan has confirmed that Khloe is not pregnant, despite reports to the contrary.

The 27-year-old’s father-in-law Joe Odom reported that the reality star was pregnant to a number of blogs.

However a source close to Khloe has denied the report, telling the MailOnline, that reports are false –  insisting that Khloe and Lamar are not expecting.

Lamar's father Joe Odom made claims Khloe was pregnant

Khloe has made it clear she wants a child on numerous occasions and has denied turning to IVF treatment to fall pregnant.

Last week American tabloid magazine reported that she has been trying to put on a ‘brave face’ after miscarriage earlier this year.

But a spokesperson for the star vehemently denied the claim, telling Mail Online: ‘Absolutely, 100 per cent not true.’

On last week’s episode of her reality show Khloe had expressed her frustration over everyone grilling her to find out when she and Lamar would be having a baby and her sister Kim had her own questions.

She asked Khloe if she had considered in vitro which was met with a frosty reception.

Khloe replied: ‘Yeah, I do want to have a baby. Being proactive with it is one thing… If it’s meant to be, if it’s meant to be.’

She added furiously: ‘Maybe when I’m away from all of you stressing me out a baby will come. Everyone gives me s*** about not being pregnant. Stress makes people not get pregnant.’

Khloe also opened up about having children in this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine

She said: ‘People make me feel like I have a problem because I haven’t had a kid yet.’

‘We were thinking we had to know when I was ovulating. But seriously? That took the fun out of everything.’

But while she hasn’t fallen pregnant yet Khloe is confident it will happen and added: ‘Lamar and I definitely want kids, and when it happens for us, it will happen.’