Kitty Brucknell warns X Factor stress could kill her

Kitty Brucknell warns X Factor stress could kill her

X Factor wild child Kitty Brucknell has claimed the show could kill her – but is refusing to give up her quest for stardom.

Last night, viewers saw the controversial singer collapse on stage in tears after being put through to the Judges’ Houses stage.

Essex girl Kitty had wowed the judges earlier with her performance of Feeling Good in a specially made s2000 dress, complete with flashing lights.

But her family and friends are urging her to consider quitting the show before the pressure becomes too much.

And doctors have warned the wannabe star that the stress of performing, coupled with her immune system bug, could kill her.

She almost died after contracting Guillain-Barre syndrome last year, which severely weakened her immune system.

But she auditioned for X Factor as soon as she was well again.

Kitty, 26, told a friend: “I know X Factor isn’t the best thing to do after what I have been through. The stress and strain could kill me, if it affects my immune system.

“But I can’t let this ruin my chance to be a star. I think it’s a risk worth taking.”

The friend said: “Kitty’s an emotional person and really throws her all into performing so X Factor has already been a very draining experience for her. The stress is only going to increase and she’s only going to get sicker.”

Kitty’s mum Mary Edwards, of Cheltenham, echoed the worries, saying her daughter was being badly portrayed.

She added: “The whole experience has been extremely tough on Kitty. If it gets really bad, I’ll have no hesitation in telling her she needs to pull out.”

Even her mentor Louis Walsh said: “Kitty’s very emotional and very ambitious. She will do anything to be famous. She will do anything I want her to do, and she will have a big, big following.”

And Kitty isn’t the only one feeling the pressure of the competition.

Bookies’ favourite Janet Devlin is also having a tough time, and insiders say she has considered walking away because of the enormity of the show.

She has complained she has not made any friends throughout the X Factor process.

Lonely Janet, 16, who grew up in Northern Ireland, added: “I’m always nervous. I haven’t thought about getting through to the live shows, the only thing I can think about is what to tell people when I’ve been sent back home.”

Janet, who normally sings at home in her room in the town of Gortin, added: “The reason I am so nervous is the whole time I’ve been singing in public I’m being judged.

“I feel more like part of the furniture and I feel like it is an effort for other contestants to talk to me.”

One female contestant who has already quit the show this year is Goldie Cheung.

She announced to bosses she was leaving on Friday and is said to be frustrated with how she has been portrayed on the series.

Goldie will now need to be replaced as she had been voted through to the live shows.

Her mentor Louis said: “It’s a shame Goldie had to pull out but it has given someone else an amazing opportunity.”

An X Factor spokesman said: “We take our responsibilities very seriously. The welfare of contestants is of paramount importance.”