Kitty has the (se)X Factor..

X FACTOR star Kitty Brucknell worked as a private detective agency’s “honeytrap” girl – luring men into cheating on their partners, according the the Sun newspaper.

A victim spotted the blonde, 26, on Saturday’s show.


Her job was to entrap targets into kissing or touching her. Hidden photographers recorded the moment and tell-tale snaps were passed to suspicious women, who paid upwards of £2,000 to the agency Executive Honeytraps for the evidence.

Kitty’s past was exposed by Dalbir Virdee, 37, whose ex-wife Puishpinda Matharu used photos taken of him with Kitty in her 2008 divorce from him.

There is no suggestion Kitty had sex during her £10-an-hour stint with the agency. But Dalbir said: “She’s a deceitful liar and tried to ruin my life.”

He recalled: “I got approached on Facebook by a girl calling herself Kim, who said she thought I was good looking.”

The pair then met at the Fifth Floor Bar at Harvey Nichols in central London.

IT manager Dalbir, from Manor Park, East London, said: “I had a feeling I was being set up. We had champagne, which she spilled down her front. I realise it was a ploy to get me to rub it off her.

“She kept trying to sit very close to me and put her head on my shoulder.”


Victim ... Dalbir Virdee

Victim … Dalbir Virdee

Dan Jones

“She said she felt unwell and did this sort of pretend swoon. When I leaned over to help her, she quickly planted a kiss on my mouth. She was very flirtatious and kept trying to get me in positions where I would touch her.

“She made out she was a model but I could tell she wasn’t.”

During a second date, at her request, she said she was going to buy some cigarettes and never returned.

Dalbir, who is now married again, said: “When I saw X Factor I knew it was the same woman by her mannerisms.”

The agency website offers services to “test the loyalty of your partner”.

Kitty has been billed as this year’s Katie Waissel for her bizarre behaviour on X Factor. But she electrified the judges with Lady GaGa’s Edge of Glory and is already being tipped as a possible finalist.

The blonde from Gloucestershire told The Sun: “You’ll have to speak to X Factor.” X Factor refused to comment.