Kylie says Dannii is going through a really difficult time

Kylie Minogue has spoken about her sister Dannii Minogue’s recent personal life issues, including the end of her relationship with Kris Smith, the father of her child Ethan.

Glamour Women of the Year Awards: Kylie Minogue

Shortly after the split, Tom Bower’s biography of Simon Cowell revealed that she had a secret relationship with her fellow judge several years ago.

Kylie Minogue said that her sister is “going through a really difficult time” at the moment.

“It was a bit of a second blow after, ‘Oh, my relationship has broken down’,” she told Glamour.

When asked if she felt Cowell had betrayed her sister by allowing Bower to write the book, she said: “Well, he doesn’t need to do any of those things. Or maybe he does… who knows? I don’t know the guy.”

Dannii Minogue and her boyfriend Kris Smith.She added that Dannii is “being pragmatic” about the end of her relationship with Smith after four years together.

“She and Kris have been amicable, and after heartbreak and disappointment, then it’s just organisation, concentrating on Ethan,” she said.

“We just have normal sister chats when we can – and that’s all you need to know, that your sister’s there. If she called me and said, ‘I’m really flipping out, I need to see you,’ I’d be on a plane tonight.

“But Dannii is tough… Dannii will be all right. Of course she’ll be all right.”

Kylie Minogue was handed the ‘Outstanding Contribution’ award at this weeks Glamour Women of the Year Awards.