Lamar Odom ordered off Delta flight

Lamar Odom was ordered off a Delta flight twice on Monday night after vomiting all over himself and crew after a night of drinking.

TMZ reports that the former NBA player was in the Delta Lounge at Los Angeles International Airport ‘pounding down beers and whiskey’ before boarding a red eye to New York City.

Two passengers on the flight say that just before the plane was set to leave the gate Odom bolted out of his seat and ran towards the front of the cabin where he vomited in the galley.

He then walked into the bathroom and began to get sick again according to the passengers, who said that he kept the door open and then returned to his seat covered in vomit.

At that point the crew calmly escorted him off the plane and put his belongings in a bag.

Odom returned just a short time later however according to the passengers, and began to vomit again.  

This time, Odom allegedly balanced himself on the heads of other passengers as he rushed towards the bathroom.

He was again removed and this time did not return to the plane.

The plane eventually took and landed in New York City at 7:44am, 44 minutes behind schedule.

One woman who was on the flight with Lamar snapped a photo of him in his seat and said he looked ‘sad.’ 

The incident comes after Odom’s estranged wife Khloe Kardashain reportedly kicked him out of the$25,000 a month house she had been paying for him to live in after a family member allegedly found a crack pipe on the property last month.

Odom has reportedly been staying with friends ever since he was asked to vacate the property. 

Odom was found hours from death at the Love Ranch Brothel after a four-day bender on last October and rushed to a hospital where he was placed on life support.

He suffered multiple strokes and kidney failure, but was eventually deemed well enough to be moved to a Los Angeles hospital where Kardashian took control of his medical care.