Lampard – I’m not past it

Lampard – I’m not past it

Chelsea star confident best years are still ahead of him

Frank Lampard insists he can continue to play at the highest level during the remaining two years of his Chelsea contract.

Lampard, now 33, is starting to face questions about how effective he can continue to be for a Chelsea squad that has several aging players. There are also as impressive youngsters like Josh McEachran ready to challenge for his place.

But Lampard is confident, after passing the 10th anniversary of his £11million move from West Ham, that he has plenty of football left in him.

“I think the age thing has changed,” Lampard told The Sun.

“People are pretty quick to write you off once you get into your 30s but they have proved to be a lot of players’ best years.

“Ryan Giggs was outstanding against us in the Champions League quarter-final last season – and in a lot of other games – at 37 years old.

“If you look after yourself, keep motivated, which is very important, know your body, do the right things, and manage yourself well, then you can certainly have your best years in your 30s.”

Lampard added that he would be happy to play football at any level, but believes being involved at the top end of the Barclays Premier League helps keep him energised.

“There’s a lovely mix at this level,” he said. “I love playing, I love the sport and the basics of going out to play football. But I also love the stuff that comes with it at the top.

“I’d still enjoy playing if it were at Sunday league level, but I like the cut-throat mentality at this level, where you have to keep on top of your game no matter whatbecause, if you drop, you’re out of it.

“That’s what drives me on, I like being at the top.”