Louis Walsh says Perri Edwards to blame for Zayne leaving 1D

Louis Walsh has hinted that Zayne Malik’s girlfriend may be to blame for him leaving One Direction.

Malik announced yesterday that he had quit the boyband, saying he wanted to live his life like a normal 22-year-old, however many, including Walsh have suggested his fiance may be behind the split.



The X Factor judge hinted that Zayne’s relationship with fiancée Perrie Edwards could be behind his decision to walk away from pop stardom.

“What I found in the past is as things get on, and as they get girlfriends, the girlfriends are whispering things in their ears and saying like “You should be a solo star”, “You should be the lead singer” – that’s usually the problem,” said Louis while speaking to Irish radio station RTE Radio One.

“The first few years are usually great and then people always want to be the solo star.”