Lucy and Lydia bare all

THE Only Way Is Essex stars Lucy Mecklenburgh and Lydia Bright have stripped off while revealing their body hang ups.


Lucy and Lydia bare all in this weeks Heat

Peeling off to her underwear, brunette Lucy, 19, complained she’s never been a fan of her legs after being teased about their length by her dad.

She told heat magazine: “My biggest body issue is my legs because they’re quite short.

“My dad calls me Stumpy. I wear heels quite a lot.”

The “living soap” star said she also thought her face was too fat but explained surgery was the furthest thing from her mind.

She added: “I’m quite against surgery. Well, I wouldn’t get anything done right now.

“It’s quite tempting in our situation, but I wouldn’t touch my face at this age.”

Fashion blogger Lydia, 20, who weighs 8st 3lb at 5ft 5ins, explained that she’d got a lot of stick for being too slim.

heat magazine

She explained she was sometimes envious of the rest of The Only Way Is Essex cast.

“Billie [Faiers] has an amazing figure,” Lydia added. “She’s up there for my perfect figure.”

And she admitted she sometimes obsesses over some of her features.

Blonde Lydia complained: “I have a permanent lump on my lip, and sometimes one eye looks smaller than the other.”

But she added she’s a fan of her backside, saying it was a big hit with her co-star and boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent.

Lydia said: “I’m lucky because my bum’s always been quite perky. James says it’s peachy.”