Made In Chelsea star Millie: “Hugo was mentally manipulative”

Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh has spoken about her break-up with cheating playboy Hugo Taylor, calling him ‘mentally manipulative’.

She revealed the PR executive was the only man she’s ever loved and that she still gets that ‘butterfly feeling’ when she sees him, which made the break-up twice as hard.

As she posed in glamorous vintage clothes, the 22-year-old poured her heart out, revealing she knows the girl he cheated on her with.

Glam: Made In Chelsea Millie Mackintosh spoke about how she still gets that 'butterfly feeling' when she sees ex Hugo Taylor but will not go back to him after he cheated

She said she was not on the show but she often sees her around.

The truth came out on the show when blogger Francesca Hull spilled the beans.

But in the preview for next week’s episode, Hugo confronts his ex-girlfriend saying he’d heard she’s cheated on him and she appears to admit it.

‘I still care about him a lot,’ Millie told New! magazine.

But he did something wrong, so I wouldn’t go back. I loved him – those feelings don’t disappear – but I just always have to remind myself why we’re not together.


Moving on: Millie donned this gorgeous vintage dress as she poured her heart out during the interview

I wasn’t thinking about settling down too much. But I do think that, for the rest of my life, every time I see him, I’ll get that feeling in my stomach. I don’t think I could ever not get that butterfly feeling.’

But she says he wasn’t right for her.

He was mentally manipulative. It got to the point where I thought, “I’m not taking this, I just have to stand up for myself.”

‘In the sense that he was wrong, but he would make me feel like I was wrong. He was so good at denial and lying, and making me feel crazy when it was actually him in the wrong’

Millie, whose great-great-grandfather invented Quality Street, escaped to Paris for a girly getaway with co-star Caggie Dunlop after splitting from Hugo.

On the show, she was seen cosying up to Frenchman Luca.

But she revealed she had been stung again.

‘After we finished filming, he announced he had a girlfriend. I was fuming. I was like “There’s no hope” and he said “I’d love to see you again”.

‘I was like “Absolutely not”. I thought “Typical – I come to Paris to find a sexy Frenchman and they’re all bigger dickheads than the English”.

Hugo continued to text her while she was away but she told him to leave her alone.

She has since seen him kissing another girl in a club and dealt with the pain by ordering a drink from the bar.

She believes he is seeing someone but is not sure who.

Millie has also kisses someone else, she revealed, but she hasn’t yet met ‘someone amazing enough to take away the hurt.’

The size-eight star, who was a contestant in the last series of Britain’s Next Top Model, also spoke about her fitness regime.

She has recently discovered Pilates boot camp which she does three times a week and if wanting to feel ‘a bit more confident’ she will try and avoid eating carbohydrates.


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