Man stabbed at Jessie J party

A man is thought to be in a critical condition in a London hospital after he was stabbed in the neck at a BlackBerry BBM party hosted by Jessie J.

The victim was attacked with a broken bottle at the event on Tuesday evening (3 April 2012), which was held at Pulse. One person has been arrested in connection with the crime.

Celebrities attended the Blackberry BBM party in South London venue Bankside Vaults on Tuesday evening, but the night ended with a shocking stabbing inside. Witnesses told photographers that two men became involved in an argument, before one of them plunged a broken bottle into the other man's neck, causing life-threatening injuries. Jessie J was reportedly coming off stage at the time of the incident

A witness said that a fight broke out around 11.40pm, shortly after Jessie J’s performance. The incident boiled over, culminating in the man becoming injured.

Channel 4 correspondent Benjamin Cohen said: “Everyone tried to leave at the same time but the organisers weren’t geared up for it and there was a huge rush to get to the cloakroom.”

Hundreds of guests, including members of the Made In Chelsea cast, The Only Way Is Essex, musicians, journalists and competition winners were in attendance at the event.

A series of posts on Twitter suggest that guests were kept inside the venue while the police carried out their investigations.

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said: “At around 12.07am the ambulance service called police regarding a man injured in a club off Southwark Street.

“He is thought to be in his thirties and has been taken to hospital in a serious condition. The victim is thought to have been injured with a bottle.”

A statement issued by BlackBerry UK in the early hours of Wednesday morning read: “A serious incident occurred at our BlackBerry event tonight. Our first concern is the wellbeing of the injured guest.

“We are doing all we can to assist police with their enquiries and are unable to provide further comment at this time.”

Earlier this morning, Jessie J tweeted: “My thoughts are with the person who was seriously injured last night at the blackberry bbm party. So sad. I really hope they are ok.”