Marcus Collins opens up about mystery racist caller

No stranger to bullying: Marcus Collins opens up about mystery caller who shouted racist abuse at him at 2am in the morning

Living the high life: Marcus Collins revealed that he is 'beyond surprised' at being the last male contestant on this year's X Factor


He may be flying high on the X Factor but Marcus Collins is still a target of racist and homophobic abuse.

The 23-year-old hopeful is ecstatic to have made it to the semi-finals on the show but has revealed that the bullying still gets to him.

Marcus received a call from a blocked number the night that Craig Colton was voted off the show but says he has no idea how they got his number.

‘I answered my phone at 2am and somebody said: “Marcus, X Factor’s a fix,” and I was like: “Who is this?” Then I got this horrible racist abuse down the phone, he told Star magazine.

‘I didn’t know who it was and I was sat there in my bed on my own all emotional.’

The singer also revealed that the abuse included the caller calling him a ‘black b******,’ but he said he’s learned to deal with it over the years.

‘I refuse to give them the satisfaction of knowing they’re upsetting me.’

Marcus was treated to a lavish photo shoot with the weekly magazine where he also stated how it felt to be the last male in the competition.

‘I am beyond surprised,’ he said. ‘It’s unbelievable. I’ve tried for X Factor before. This is my third attempt and I never thought I’d get this far.’

The Liverpudlian went on to say that the reason he feels he’s got so far this time is due to becoming ‘more versatile as a performer.’

He also revealed that being the last male on the ITV show means he’s getting all the attention from his mentor Gary Barlow.

‘It’s only 10am and I’ve already spoken to him,’ he said. ‘He’s sent me eight text messages, too. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.’

However, someone who he hasn’t spoken to his Simon Cowell.

‘I sent him a message on Twitter, saying: “Hello boss. Hope you’re enjoying the show,” but sadly he didn’t reply – but someone else tweeted: “Kiss a**e!”

Ready to win: The hopeful revealed that his mentor Gary Barlow has been great throughout the show

‘He might not be there in person but he’s very much there. His presence is felt – we know that he’s watching.’

Someone else Marcus has been tweeting is ex-contestant, Frankie Cocozza, who was booted off the show due to a drugs scandal.

‘I think Frankie is getting his head together and he knows what he wants to do in the future. I’m excited for him,’ Marcus said.

‘I had one night out with him and it was absolutely wild! We had the funniest night ever. I know people think he’s a party animal, but he’s 18 – if he wants to go out and have a laugh and dance and chat girls up, let him.’

But Marcus has ensured that he concentrates on his performances every single week, especially now with the semi-final approaching.

‘Gary’s told me just to concentrate and really focus and really make sure our song choices are smashing it,’ he said.

The former hairdresser admitted that all of the contestants deserved to win the show for different reasons, but touched on Misha B first.

‘If she got that acceptance from the public it would make her feel incredible,’ he said.

When the show is over, Marcus admitted that he’s just looking forward to sleeping in and seeing his family.The full interview with Marcus can be seen in this week's issue of Star magazine

And asked if he was going to spoil his mother and his boyfriend, David Heath, he answered: ‘Yeah, not too much, though. I don’t want them changing! I’m sending my mum to Tenerife for Christmas.’