Mario & Lucy jet off on romantic break

Posers: Lucy and Mario were happy to be photographed as they took part in the water sport activity Their ‘will they or won’t they?’ cliff-hanger on the season final of The Only Way is Essex left fans wondering whether they would get back together.

But Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone clearly couldn’t wait for the Christmas special to rekindle their romance on camera.

The TOWIE couple, who broke up after Lucy, 20, admitted cheating, made up during a make-or-break holiday to Egypt.

In the final episode of season three, Lucy made a desperate attempt to win her man back by making a tearful speech in front of all of their family and friends.

The gesture appeared to impress Mario at the time, and the pair embraced, but stopped short of announcing that they were back together.

Fans assumed that they would find out the fate of the on/off couple during next week’s special episode, but the reality stars apparently couldn’t bear to be apart for that long.

Christmas spoiler! Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone rekindled their romance during a make-or-break getaway in Egypt



These newly-released pictures of the couple in Egypt last month show them kissing and going for a spin on a jet ski.

His girlfriend bedding Mark Wright seemed the furthest thing from Mario’s mind as he zoomed around the sea with Lucy in a skimpy zebra swimsuit clutching his waist.

After their ride on the water the pair made their way back to the shore where they shared another kiss.

Since returning from their holiday, Lucy and Mario have made no effort to conceal their rekindle relationship for the sake of the cameras.

Perhaps proving that the romance is more real than other elements of the series, they have been happily getting on with their lives without playing the reunion out in front of the lens.







Despite Mario retracting his invitation for Lucy to move in with him during season three, both have been tweeting about the new apartment recently.Heartbroken: Lucy was devastated when her boyfriend dumped her on the reality show on November 6

‘Wallpaper & carpet shopping with @Mario_Falcone feel very mature!!!’ Lucy tweeted today.

And in the TOWIE Christmas single, which was filmed last month, Lucy and Mario are very clearly a couple.

They spend the entire video with their arms around each other and gazing into each others eyes.

In the voice over, they can be heard making plans to spend the holiday together. ‘We’ll open lots of presents, sing lots of Christmas songs, watch loads of Christmas films,’ Lucy says. ‘Sounds good to me, as long as I spend time with you I don’t really care what we do,’ Mario replies.

On the other hand, their brief separation and almost immediate reunion has led to speculation that the entire fight was to create a dramatic storyline for the show, and that they always intended to get back together.

Either way, fans will find out more during The Only Way is Essexmas special, which airs December 20 on ITV2 at 10pm.