Matt Cardle hits back at X Factor winner James Arthur

Matt Cardle has hit back at this year’s X Factor winner James Arthur after he tried to distance himself from the show’s previous winners.

James managed to annoy Matt when he took at a pop at the shows previous winners, saying: “The blokes that have won before have had a niche, they haven’t sold records because they haven’t made great albums. That’s the bottom line.”

Matt – who won in 2010 – says Arthur was too quick to rubbish his career, arguing that his second solo album even ranked higher than Tulisa’s debut effort in the charts.

“I said, Look, James, you’re very talented but you haven’t sold two million records yet, which I have.

“You haven’t had two top ten albums yet, which I’ve had. Don’t start mouthing off before you’ve even really left the show,” said Cardle.

The 29-year-old, former painter and decorator added: “I doubt he’s even listened to my albums. It’s a shame and I hope it doesn’t do him too much damage.

“Not only has he offended me but he’s offended every other person that’s won the X Factor and everyone who works or has written on these albums.

“That’s some of the best songwriters in the world – all these people – and he’s now rubbished their work. So it’s a pretty s*** thing for him to have said.”

Matt also said James was naive to say previous X Factor acts were wrong to compromise themselves for the sake of their career.

He added: “If he hasn’t ‘compromised’ himself one iota then I think he’s lying. Everybody makes compromises all through their life and especially on something like X Factor.”