McCoist outburst hasn’t helped says SFA panel member

SFA disciplinary panel member Eric Drysdale believes Rangers boss Ally McCoist did not help the situation after he demanded the names of the panel be made public.

Drysdale and the other two members on the panel have been subjected to threats following the punishments served to crisis-hit Rangers earlier this week.

The Ibrox club were handed a £160,000 fine and 12-month transfer embargo after being found guilty of five charges in relation to their finances and the appointment of Craig Whyte as chairman.

Earlier this week McCoist demanded to know the names of the anonymous “experts” selected by the SFA to make the decision, which the Rangers’ manager claimed ‘could kill his club.’

In the wake of that, fans took to social media sites to name Drysale and his two colleagues, who have now received threats and have since sought security advice from Strathclyde Police.

Drysdale, who is a director at Raith Rovers, has now spoken out about the threats and hopes people will come to understand the severity of the punishments once the full reasons are disclosed.

“There have been calls and emails to the club and a couple of silent phone calls on my mobile phone, but apart from that there’s not been any direct threats to myself so far,” said Drysdale.

Asked what the threats contained, Drysdale added: “Just expressing disgust about the decision that was made by the judicial panel.

“One thing I would say when the statement of reason does come out, I hope that sensible people will understand there was logic behind the decisions reached for both Rangers and Craig Whyte and will see that panel has been fair.”

Asked if McCoist’s comments had encouraged the level of reaction, Drysdale told Sky News: “Well again the answer to the question is yes.

“It may have antagonised some people and I have nothing whatsoever against Alistair, he is a good guy, I have always respected him I have no problem [with him].

“If it had been my club there would be people speaking out in an emotional manner and I completely understand that.

“I wish he hadn’t said what he said I must be honest.”