Michael Jackson Trial Day Six

Michael Jackson Trial Day Six

UPDATE 2:15 p.m.: Court adjourned early for the day, with the judge citings traffic concerns as the reason. The proceedings resume tomorrow at 8:45 a.m.

UPDATE: 1:57 p.m.: Lopez stated that he sent 225 vials of propofol to Murray overall, as well as 20 vials of lorazepam and 60 of midazolam.

UPDATE 12:00 p.m.: Lopez said that Murray placed an initial order with him for 10 vials of propofol, at 100 ml each, and 25 vials of 20 ml each, which were ultimately delivered to the Santa Monica apartment he shared with Alvarez in early April. Just a few weeks later, in that same month, he reordered a total of 65 vials of propofol—four trays, or 40 vials of 100 ml and 25 vials of 20 ml—were were delivered to the same address. Testimony has recessed for a lunch break and will resume at 1:30 p.m. PT.

UPDATE 11:45 a.m.: Lopez said that he provided prescription creams to Murray for a patient suffering from vitiligo, but did not know the patient’s name. He also said that Murray asked him to price and source the availability of propofol for Murray’s medical use. Murray then placed a phone order for propofol on April 6, 2009.

UPDATE 11:05 a.m.: Alvarez confirms that she signed for FedEx packages for Murray, but did not know what was in them. She also said she spoke with Murray on the afternoon of June 25, 2009: “I remember him telling me that he was on the way to the hospital in the ambulance with Mr. Jackson, and for me not to be alarmed. He didn’t want me to be worried.” She said he returned to her Santa Monica apartment, which she shared with him, later that day. Pharmacist Tim Lopez is next up on the stand.

UPDATE 10:00 a.m.: Murray’s baby mama, wannabe actress Nicole Alvarez, is on the stand. Appearing borderline exasperated by every question asked by the defense, she said she met Conrad in a Las Vegas club in 2005 and that it wasn’t long before he introduced her to Jackson at Michael’s home. She said she was left “speechless” by the encounter. She also noted somewhat testily that her main job during June 2009 was to keep her “instrument” well tuned lest she be called to audition.

As for Murray, she said he worked with Jackson primarily at night, and would begin working at approximately 9 p.m., returning home the following morning. His schedule continued as such through June of 2009. She also said she was planning on accompanying Murray to London to see Jackson’s shows. The court has recessed for a morning break and testimony will return at 10:45 a.m. PT.

UPDATE 9:45 a.m.: After an exceptionally brief turn on the stand by one of Murray’s girlfriends, Michelle Bella (which consisted of her confirming she was sent a text message and left a voicemail by Murray the morning of Jackson’s death, the latter of which was not played), Anding took the stand. She testified that Murray phoned her at 11:51 a.m. on June 25, 2009, and that after carrying on a one-sided conversation with him for five or six minutes, realized that he had not responded to anything she’d said. She said that she believed his phone was possibly in his pocket, as she heard mumbling, muffled sounds and coughing. After three or four minutes more, she hung up.

UPDATE 9:10 a.m.: After a brief delay (blame the rain in Los Angeles, and the ensuing snarling traffic), court has finally begun.

Week two, day 6. But don’t expect business as usual.

If you thought things got tense before, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Why? Because, if witnesses are called in the order they seem to be (namely, in accordance with the preliminary hearing list), then taking the stand sometime today could very well be not one, but two of Conrad Murray‘s ex-girlfriends, one of whom—Houston cocktail waitress Sade Anding—was actually on the phone with Murray when Michael Jackson went into distress.

In other words, this could be pretty explosive.