Miley Cyrus asks fans to kiss members of the same sex during O2 gig

Miley Cyrus took to London’s O2 stage last night with a bang.

Miley, who recently recovered from illness, took to the stage in a revealing dollar-print leotard and according to fans began making sexual gestures in 10 minutes of her set beginning.


Miley said on stage hat she had sprained her foot during her stint in hospital


According to fans attending the sold out show, Miley was  “drinking water and spitting it on the crowd” and “asking people to make out with members of the same sex.”


Miley arrived on stage while riding a hot dog


“She got loads of people of the same sex to snog in the audience and put them on camera on a giant screen and made a speech about how we should all just be ourselves.”

Pushing the boundaries further, Miley announced to the audience that  “she hoped we are all drunk and on loads of pills.”

As she pranced around in her marijuana gear, Miley continued to championed the use of drugs to the audience, something that proved too much for some fans.

@Essex_Girlie tweeted: “One of my old work friends has walked out of the Miley Cyrus show at O2 cos she was being vile and disgusting….no shock there then (sic)”