MK1 voted off The X Factor as show is deadlocked for third time in a row


MK1 became the latest stars to be voted off The X Factor last night after finding themselves in the botom two alongside Kye Sones.

After a dramatic sing-off  judges Gary Barlow, Tulisa, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh were once again given the power to choose who went home, however after voting two for two, the vote was taken to deadlock for the third week in a row– with MK1, aka Charlie and Sim, receiving the least amount of votes from the public.


It's not the end: Despite looking upset at being voted off, Charlie and Sim told Dermot that they have no intention of giving up, and will continue to make music together

The first judge to vote prior to deadlock was MK1’s mentor Louis, who voted to send home Kye, saying: “I am mentor for MK1 – I absolutely love Charlie and Sim and the act I am sending home is Kye.”

Gary was next to vote, telling his act Kye: “That was one of the best sing offs I have ever seen on this show. You are the reason I wanted this category and I’m so sorry you’re here. I’m sending home MK1 tonight.”

Nicole added: “This is really hard for me. I am such big fans of MK1 – I love how fresh and current you are but I have to go off of the save me performance I just saw so the act I am sending home is MK1.”

The moment of truth: MK1 and Kye wait as Dermot prepares to announce the results of the deadlock

A visibly emotional Tulisa was last to vote, saying: “MK1 from the second I saw you guys, you remind me of N-Dubz, you touch a soft spot for me.

“Kye that was an amazing performance, but MK1 you got up and sang a song that N-Dubz do on tour and that was the final straw for me.  If I don’t stick up for my urban N-Dubz roots here, I’d be lying to myself. So the act I’m sending home is Kye.”

The vote was then taken to deadlock, with Dermot announcing MK1 would be going home.

X Factor continues Saturday at 8.20pm on ITV1