More than just a bit of ‘Flack’ for Xtra Factor host

Caroline Flack Gets Death Threats following dinner date with One Direction’s Harry


Out together: Caroline Flack and Harry Styles were spotted enjoying an intimate dinner together at the St Martins Lane hotel on November 15

There may be 15 years between them but it seems that age is nothing but a number to Caroline Flack and Harry Styles.

The One Direction singer has shared a passionate kiss with the 32-year-old star and now it seems the pair enjoyed dinner together on Tuesday night.

Styles, 17, believes he’s found ‘the one’ according to his fellow band mate, Louis Tomlinson, but his fans are less fond of her as the star has apparently been receiving death threats.

Flack took to her Twitter page this morning to deny the rumours saying: ‘Hi One Direction fans! To clarify. I’m close friends with harry.. He’s one of the nicest people I know…I don’t deserve death threats. 🙂 x.’

Hardcore fans of the boy band, and Styles in particular, have been out in force on the social networking site over the past 24 hours.

Many have been making humorous comments and digs at the news, whilst others have been supporting Flack – insisting that those who post death threats are giving them a bad name.

One fan was obviously so fed up of hearing the rumours that they write: ‘I don’t even care anymore. If Harry wants to date an oldie let him be.’

Other fans joked about the age gap by saying: ‘it’s okay, I’m close friends with the toddler down my road too.’

But others decided to stick up for the TV star with matty1dir tweeting: ‘If you love harry … You wont give @carolineflack1 any of this! She said they are friends 🙂 thats it! H wouldnt want you being nasty!’

The rumours were fueled when The Sun revealed that Flack and Styles were seen sharing desserts at a restaurant in St Martin’s Lane Hotel in London and were being very open about being out together.

‘They were clearly enjoying being together and didn’t seem to care who saw them,’ said a source.

‘Two other friends joined them while they were eating, but it was clear they only had eyes for each other.’

However their night didn’t end there, as Styles and Flack were seen getting into the same taxi and leaving together – something else they weren’t bothered about hiding.

The Xtra Factor host was first linked to the boy band member last month after it emerged that they had kissed whilst on a night out.

But it seemed it was more than just a kiss to Styles as he took to his Twitter page to write: ‘Sometimes things happen and you suddenly get a whole new outlook on life.’

Things seemed a bit awkward between the pair on last weekend’s show as Flack and her co-host, Olly Murs, interviewed One Direction.

And Styles hinted at his love for older women when he was asked which of the current female contestants on the show was his favourite.

‘They’re all a bit young for me,’ he replied, even though they are all the same age of older than the boy bander.

Unfortunately though his comments have angered the group’s hardcore fans and has forced Flack to deny their close relationship.

This is not the first time Flack has been linked to a Harry as she was reported to have had a brief relationship with Prince Harry two years ago, but he is believed to have called time on their romance after he revealed he was still in love with his heiress ex Chelsy Davy.