MW3 Survival Guide

Forget the epic plot about elusive Russian supercriminals and the onset of WWIII: when it comes to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, it’s the multiplayer that most can’t wait to get their hands on so here’s three moves that should help even new-to-the-series noobs put the death into deathmatch.*

1. The “Tom Brady”
By which we don’t mean getting a series of questionable haircuts and bedding Gisele.  Instead, throw a flashbang from long range NFL-style and knife-sprint under the cover of its glare to get within striking distance of your prey. Bonus points for screaming “Touchdown!” on the moment of impact.

2. The early adopter
Enemies launching out more airstrikes than a NATO coalition? Cash in on your kills (and surprise those still getting used to the game) by purchasing the new SAM silo perk and blasting their expensive ordinance out the sky. Smaller choppers can also now be shot down by sustained machine gun fire – though we’d recommend an RPG or launched grenade.

3. The anti-camper camp
Campers, AKA those who perch in one point and rack up kills (also known as cowards), can be one of online play’s greatest frustrations. So to beat them, join them. Find the perpetrator’s favourite locations on each map, then crouch around a corner just out of site. Alternatively, a nicely positioned turret will do the job. Take their sniper rifle as a trophy.

*While these moves should help you against your average player, they may prove ineffective against the rain-soaked hardiness of “midnight launchers” ie those who actually queue up at midnight on launch day to get their copies of the game. Nobody beats those guys.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is out now.