Nathan Sykes hopes naked video inspires body confidence

Nathan Sykes hopes is steamy new video can inspire body confidence in other men.

In a world that is obsessed with muscles, the former The Wanted singer hopes he can show men you don’t have to be buff to be sexy.

The singer, who likes to keep himself in shape, has said not all men in the spotlight need to have the stereotypical Hollywood physique.

“There’s this fascination with blokes having this really big build and massive muscles to be deemed sexy,”

“Everyone’s got different bodies. If I can go and do this video and not worry too much about how I look on camera, it might encourage some people on Twitter who kind of worry about the way they look.

“If I can encourage people to have more confidence in themselves, then that’s a really cool thing.”

Nathan stripped off for the video of his latest single, Give It Up, but admitted he was a little nervous about what people might say.

“The risk for me is that people turn around and be like, ‘Ugh you’re not ripped – you haven’t got a body like Justin Bieber!’ No I don’t! I don’t have a body like Justin Bieber,” he laughed.

“I wish I did, but I love pizza. Literally on set I was eating pizza. Normally you’d be doing push-ups.”

Nathan’s new single ‘Give It Up’ is out NOW.