New Girl renewed for third season


New Girl has been renewed for another season by US network Fox.

The popular comedy, which stars Zooey Deschanel as the titular New Girl Jessica Day, will be picked up for a third series by the network.

“We love working with these talented producers and casts who, week after week, create some of the funniest work on television,” said Fox Broadcasting’s entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly.

“These shows are creatively vibrant, they have established a loyal and passionate audience, and they will continue to define and grow the Fox comedy brand next season and beyond.”

Max Greenfield, who plays fan favourite Schmidt in New Girl, recently admitted that he had initially been worried about how Schmidt would be perceived by fans, telling Digital Spy: “I thought, there’s a good chance that I’ll never work again after this.”

“I mean, we’ve played him in such a way that this could go terribly wrong, and then we started to air and the response was so positive.

“It kind of affirmed all the things that the writers were doing, all the things that I was doing. I think it said to everyone, ‘We’re on the same page. We can keep moving forward’. And then they just went crazy with it.”

New seasons of Raising Hope, The Mindy Project and The Following were also given the green light in Fox’s latest slew of recommissions.