New Top Gear series won’t be ready in time

The new series of Top Gear has been delayed after the BBC series hit another hole in the road.

The new series is being delayed and will be shorter due to delays affecting the filming schedule, it has been claimed. 

The show, which is being hosted by Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc has suffered a number of setbacks with vital members of the crew leaving the production. 

BBC bosses had hoped the new eight-episode series would be premiered on May 8, but this date has been abandoned. 

BBC chiefs now hope the team will broadcast the first show featuring the new line up on May 22.

However, due to filming difficulties, they have been forced to reduce the length of the series from eight episodes to just six. 

Chris and Matt have just completed their first challenge for the BBC show – a UK v USA race from London to Blackpool in Reliant Rialtos, emblazoned with their respective country’s flags.Although an unlikely pairing, Evans said he wanted LeBlanc, best known for playing Joey Tribbiani in Friends for 10 years, to join the Top Gear team because ‘he loves his cars’.

“He knows so much about his cars, he’s a brilliant driver and he’s a world star, and that’s very important for Top Gear. 

“Also the transatlantic connection, we are very much like a modern style odd couple, completely different on first impressions but actually we’ve got an awful lot in common.”

The new series will feature The Stig, Formula 1 commentator Eddie Jordan, German racing driver Sabine Schmitz, motoring journalist Chris Harris and car reviewer Rory Reid.