New Xbox requires constant internet connection

The new Xbox will require a constant internet connection, according to a report.

Multiple sources have said that Microsoft’s next system must always be online as an anti-piracy measure, according to VG247.

It will also offer a Blu-ray drive and offer the next generation of Kinect from day one.

Xbox 360 Kinect

While final confirmation of graphical prowess has yet to be confirmed, it will have two dedicated processing units that are said to be “like two PCs taped together”.

The dual set-up will allow separate items to be drawn on screen simultaneously, whereas dual graphics card setups in PCs currently work together on one task at a time.

It will also have “four to six” core processors, with a core dedicated to Kinect and another for the console’s operating system.

The claims back up a previous report that the system will use Blu-ray as well as an unspecified anti-used game measure.

The latest rumour stated that the new Xbox won’t have a disc drive at all.

It has been previously suggested that the Xbox 720 will be six times more powerful than the current Xbox 360.

Previous reports have said that Microsoft’s next console will launch in two different editions, one of which is codenamed ‘Loop’, will be “far cheaper” and more focused on the Kinect system.

Microsoft has confirmed it won’t show a new Xbox during E3 this June.