NFL: Regular referees back after lockout ends

Regular officials will be back on the field at this week’s NFL games after their lockout was brought to an end following a late deal with their union on Wednesday night.

The deal comes 48 hours after a much publicised botched call that handed the Seattle Seahawks a 14-12 win over Green Bay. One of the replacement officials signalled an interception in the endzone and another a touchdown catch by Golden Tate, the latter call standing on review and giving victory to the Seahawks.

“Our officials will be back on the field starting Thursday night,” said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, according to a statement on the league’s website.

“We appreciate the commitment of the NFL Referees Association in working through the issues to reach this important agreement.”

Union president Scott Green said: “Our board of directors has unanimously approved taking this proposed collective bargaining agreement to the membership for a ratification vote.

“We are glad to be getting back on the field for this week’s games.”