Nick Jonas talks about ‘crazy’ fame

Nick Jonas has admitted that finding fame as a youngster was a “crazy thing”.

As part of the Jonas Brothers, he released his first album ath the age of 13, but rather than letting the fame go to his head, Nick admits his parents helped keep them all grounded.

“People actually caring you are dating at 14 is not a normal thing. But my parents are really good people, and they did a good job of helping us keep our heads on straight,” he told Gaby Roslin on Lorraine.

“But also, I think I had a really interesting outlook about it, I never really thought it was real. I just kind of [thought], ‘This is all make-believe and I get to go and sing, and that’s all I really care about’.”Jonas added that it is “impossible” to be “perfect”, and feels sorry for young performers nowadays who are just starting to understand who they want to be.

“I was thankful to have some time to figure that out and to still be here doing what I love but to have gone through a real growth and better understanding of who I am today,” he said.

Jonas is on course to chart at number two in the UK with his new single ‘Jealous’ on Sunday (April 12).

He is currently around 4,000 copies behind Voice UK winner Stevie McCrorie’s new single ‘Lost Stars’.