Novak Djokovic reduces ball girl to tears

Novak Djokovic reduced a ball girl to tears yesterday while defending his Wimbledon championship.

Although he won his match against Kevin Anderson, in the final stint of his match the Serb seemed to have lost his cool, shouting and gesticulating towards a ball girl.

Apparently requesting his towel amid the afternoon mugginess, the 28-year-old screamed in her direction and held his hands out in anger.

After wiping his face he discarded it back in the youngster’s direction before resuming play. The girl was left visibly shaken and stifling tears, according to sources on the court.


Nerves: The girl was left red-faced and was seen nervously drinking from a water bottle after the heated exchange during the fifth set 


She was seen nervously drinking from a water bottle moments after the eruption, her cheeks redder than before. After beating his South African opponent, Djokovic allegedly walked off Court No. 1 without glancing in her direction.


Tense: The young girl rushed to bring the star his towel under the watchful gaze of a packed Court One on Tuesday afternoon 


A spectator said: “He was only two or three feet away, it was full on, I was quite shocked. She had to stay on court afterwards. She was trembling.”